Hans Hemmert Born 1960 in Hollstadt. Lives and works in Berlinaaa Axel Lieber Born 1960 in Düsseldorf. Lives and works in Berlin and Malmö aaa Thomas Schmidt Born 1960 in Nürnberg. Lives and works in Cologne aaa Georg Zey Born 1962 in Limburg. Lives and works in Berlin
Collaboration since 1992
The arena for »Inges Idee« is public space with all its conditioning factors: via acts of spatial-sculptural intervention in very different kinds of indoor and outside spaces, »Inges Idee« creates its effects in the interstices of consciousness, at the most fundamental level of identity and the public, of inspiration and camouflage. […] For QUOBO, »Inges Idee« has developed an original artistic contribution that functions simultaneously as the project's information centre.
Excerpt from the catalog text »On Rather Slippery Ground« by Peter Funken