Else Gabriel Born 1962 in Halberstadt aaa Ulf Wrede Born 1968 in Potsdam
Collaboration as (e.) Twin Gabriel since 1988. Live and work in Berlin
EG The phytoplankton in the basins is the first life form, geologically considered. That’s the way everything began. Incidentally, plankton is a collective term for all microorganisms — plant and animal — that drift in the water, that can’t actually move against the current. That includes jellyfish too.
DG But in your work the chief sensation is the green. Renaissance painters had to mix for a long time before they could bring the finest colours in the world to the canvas. Here we have a green that is already created from nature, unmediated, untreated. And that’s what makes for its whole expressive value. It is not conveyed in a special form. It’s not blended, not concentrated, not smeared. We have a form of pure, natural, primary green in these basins. And all our biological fantasies and cultural ones, too, latch onto that.
Excerpt from the dialogue between Else Gabriel and Durs Grünbein