Nina Fischer Born 1965 in Emden eee Maroan el Sani Born 1966 in Duisburg
Collaboration since 1993. Live and work in Berlin During the decades since the »Screen Tests« by Andy Warhol, this compulsion for self-presentation in media posturings has attained the status of social normality, not least in Berlin — see the Loveparade.
But Fischer / el Sani’s 10-second-movies (like Warhol’s »Screen Tests«, these involve unmoving moved portraits) play a trick on this kind of normality. When the face concentrates on thoughts of the future, »gazing them into« the camera lens as if thoughts could telekinetically be burned into the film itself, the face »forgets« its repertoire of studied poses, and a »sober« portrait is possible even with stoned night owls. Maybe there’s not always a flash of glamour, but in each case, the mystery of a possible future glitters from glassy eyes.
Excerpt from the catalog text »Phantom Future« by Jörg Heiser