The archive provides informations about non-institutional exhibition projects such as o zwei in Prenzlauer Berg and SOMA in Kreuzberg which came about in the early 90s. The artists’ and curators’ initiatives which emerged with their activities since the mid-90s are represented by shift e.V., plattform, Pavillon, and loop — raum für aktuelle kunst.

Project-oriented approaches and the self-organisation of artists in networks, as are characteristic for the art of the 90s, were followed in Berlin in different contexts. Initiatives like Botschaft (1990–95) or [kunst und technik] (since 1996) have operated at the interface between the areas of art, science, architecture and urban planning, television and internet, party and club. Clubs like Friseur or [kunst und technik] which were run by their members in empty buildings in Berlin-Mitte served as locations for their events. Artistic approaches were joined with political and social questions, and presented in different local spaces.

In addition the archive will also present activities such as the newspaper »A.N.Y.P. Die Zeitung für zehn Jahre« (Anti New York Plans) which has been published since 1989 by the artists of the group »minimal club« or Internet projects such as mikro e.V. and convex tv.