Founded 1998 Initiative for the Advancement of Media Cultures, Berlin / Time span since 1998
Location events in different locations, such as mikro-lounges at the »WMF club« in Berlin-Mitte /
Activists Inke Arns (cultural theorist), Tilman Baumgärtel (freelance author), Andreas Broeckmann (cultural theorist), Florian Clausz (screen designer), Martin Conrads (journalist), Vali Djordjevic (media worker), Volker Grassmuck (media theoreticia), Ulrich Gutmair (journalis), Anja Heilmann (journalist), Thomax Kaulmann (artist / programmer), Julia Lazarus (media designer), Geert Lovink (media activist), Sebastian Lütgert (cultural theorist), Diana McCarty (networker), Ellen Nonnenmacher (designer), Thorsten Schilling (culture manager), Stefan Schreck (journalist), Pit Schultz (media activist), Cornelia Sollfrank (artist) / Focuses critical discussion of the cultural, social and political impact of the use of media technologies in panel discussions, project presentations, conferences, publications and workshops (mikro-lounges)