Founded 1996 / Time span since 1996 / Location 1996-2000 former laboratory building in Monbijou Park on the Spree River in Berlin-Mitte / since 2000, project office in Berlin-Mitte
Activists Jan Edler, Tim Edler, Jonathan Garnham, Rainer Hartl, Frank Hühnerkopf, Martin Janekovic, Andreas Klockmann, Juliane Kühn, Uwe Rieger, Helle Schröder /
Focuses team of architects, artists and designers: works on, with, and between the intersections of art, architecture, visual communication, real and virtual spaces. Beside the development of its own projects a place for exhibitions and events on the topic of cutting-edge technology and culture, with an affiliated club (to the demolition of the laboratory building, spring 2000). Close contact with various informal networks in the culture and technology scene.