The archive provides information on selected artists´ projects and exhibition initiatives of the 80s which were trail-blazing for the development of art in Berlin in the course of the 90s.

The work of »Büro Berlin«, a Berlin artists´ project with international contributions, is an important precursor for the artistic approaches represented in the exhibition. The projects initiated between 1978 and 1987 in the milieu of the artists Raimund Kummer, Hermann Pitz, and Fritz Rahmann brought up questions in Berlin about production conditions and the locations of artistic work which remained current into the 90s and were handled anew by the younger artists. The protagonists of this artists’ project have accepted the invitation to present the activities of »Büro Berlin« in the scope of the exhibition QUOBO with their contribution to the »Archive in the Net«. For the first time since the presentation of the book »Büro Berlin — Ein Produktionsbegriff« in Künstlerhaus Bethanien in 1986 the artists got together again to examine their archive material which is sealed in two metal boxes. In the Internet contribution which they jointly developed they will once again make available important material on the work of »Büro Berlin« and will thus present terms like »production«, »real space«, and »situation« for discussion under new conditions.

During the 80s, the independent exhibition projects Galerie & Kunstverein Giannozzo and Sredzkistraße 64 / r-g were also active in West and East Berlin respectively.
Initiatives like the exhibitions in hotel-pension Nürnberger Eck and Galerie Vincenz Sala in West Berlin and in Galerie Weißer Elefant and Galerie vier in East Berlin gave younger artists from the late 80s on the opportunity to make their first appearance. Maria Eichhorn and Karsten Konrad, for example, exhibited in Galerie Vincenz Sala, and the »Autoperforationsartisten« made their appearance in early summer 1989 in the context of the »Permanent Art Conference« in Galerie Weißer Elefant.